Breath to the ones struggling to Breathe

Mohammed Asif Hussain Sohail who is popularly known as the Hyderabad Hunger Warrior who has been feeding the hungry for more than 10 years is now providing Breath to the ones struggling to Breathe. When Mohammed Asif Hussain saw lives being lost due to the unavailability of oxygen cylinders and a medical emergency with no help coming from the government, he has spent more than 10 lakhs from his pocket to buy cylinders and send them to the homes of the needy free of cost because he believes it is Our Hyderabad Our Responsibility. The second wave being more dangerous than the first one is costing the lives of many.  He has been receiving nearly 200 calls every day and not everyone needs them badly so they counsel 60 to 70 odd people to not hoard them out of fear. He verifies the need and provides the cylinders after proper verification so that the needier is not left out. Despite his ill health, he has been serving the needy by leaving the comfort of his home and luxury cars to travel by autos so that he may reach the needy on time and save a life and bring a smile to the family members of the patient.

Mohd Asif Hussain Sohail, chairman of Sakina Foundation has started this initiative of Free Oxygen On Wheels He has been working aggressively in providing help & free oxygen to Covid patients since the past year.

Oxygen on wheels was conceptualized to meet the emergency oxygen needs of the people on the highways who are coming from districts & villages to the city for treatment. On receiving SOS calls on our helpline, he along with his team of volunteers rush to the spot on the highways who are as far as 200 km away from the city with oxygen cylinder back up.

Emergency oxygen cylinders are being provided to Covid patients who are at home, on highways or ambulances whose saturation reading is less than 80, those who are not getting beds are provided with backup till they find a bed in the hospital.

Every day locally we are providing 200 PLUS FREE CYLINDERS in the city till now more than 1600 people have benefited and Around 150 cases are been supported by OXYGEN ON WHEELS.