Sakina Foundation is one of the fastest growing charities in the Asia & Europe, and is becoming increasingly recognised for its humanitarian work around the world. As well as the obvious necessity for financial donations to be able to do this, we cannot succeed without donations of a different nature as well – people’s time.

Our Volunteers Club aims to recruit over 2000 people throughout Asia & Europe to help our operations exceed our targets. Have you any spare time to help a Sakina Foundation? Giving up just some of your time could make such a significant impact on the lives of these poor & needy, wherever they are. Call now or email us and become part of our foundation. We already have a team of people from all walks of life working on current projects, but we want you to become part of our network in your spare time too. Organising fund-raising events, office-based administration work, or your valuable help out in the field, it all needs to be done – by people like you. Please help if you can.