Fight Pneumonia – Save a Child

A Child Dies Every 15 Seconds of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is the fourth most common cause of death in the world and pneumococcal infection is the most frequent community-acquired pneumonia requiring hospital admission. Pneumococcal pneumonia claims between 20000 and 70000 lives every year, mostly children.
Sakina Foundation Trust’s campaign ‘Fight Pneumonia – Save a Child’, brings public awareness about the importance of immunizations across the lifespan in preventing this disease and promote optimal immunization of all children, especially before two years of age, and particularly in those areas where this is most needed, based on current epidemiology and assure improved timely access to immunizations for infants, children, adolescents and adults and educate policy-makers, health care providers, school administrators, parents, and other care providers about vaccines, vaccine-preventable diseases, and the cost-benefit of timely immunization.
Sakina Foundation Trust encourages community participation at the grassroots level to strengthen and enhance current immunization outreach efforts.

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