Since 2010

“Slums to Oxford ” -A Sakina Foundation Initiative, the campaign launched to educate slum children, beggars, adults, women, and senior citizens. The idea behind the initiative is that children from slums and poor families also have talent and possess the dedication to study and learn new things. The adults, women and senior citizens who were never able to learn and educate themselves when small also are also encouraged to join so that they get literate and are able to find a respectable job for themselves.

In a bid to educate and provide skill training to children, adults, and women living in slums and those who have been forced to beg, Asif Hussain Sohail & Sakina Foundation launched a program–“Slums to Oxford.”

This program will help 500 to 1000 students from each centre gain literacy, employment, and skill training.

Hearts & Hands of Amazon adopted one such centre of the “Slums To Oxford “ Campaign to educate slum Children, Women & Senior Citizens, beggars, labourers, fruit and vegetable cart vendors, and auto drivers. Free Basic & Advance Literacy Classes provided along with free study material are being conducted every day for 8 To 80 years of age. This centre has nearly 300 candidates of different age groups in the first batch who come from all walks of life. These classes are being held 365 days at Virat Nagar slums, Shaikpet.

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