Girls’ to Schools: Education for Girl Child

Support Girls’ Education, provide respect, liberty, understanding, and independence

Education is every child’s right but it is all the more important for the girl child to be educated. Sakina Foundation Trust’s campaign ‘Girls’ to Schools’ promotes the right of equal access to education for girls and boys in Asia. This part of the world faces many challenges – poverty, gender discrimination, crimes against women, and above all female foeticide – to realize the goal of gender parity in education and the goal of education for all. Why Girls’ Education? The inter-linkages between gender inequalities, economic growth and poverty are the main reasons why girls’ education is a smart investment for developing countries to reap these benefits fully; they need to unleash the potential of the human mind.
Sakina Foundation Trust raises awareness, generates public support and mobilizes resources for girls’ education. The efforts of these campaigns have led to the admission of thousands of girls into schools.

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