Hyderabad Junior Hunger warrior

Values and compassion should be handed down in the family from childhood. Keeping up with this, values that Late Mohammed Afzal Hussain inculcated in Mohammed Asif Hussain Sohail the Hyderabad Hunger warrior are now been handed over to our Junior Hunger Warrior Mohammed Ali Hussain who is just 10 years. He feels the same pain that his father feels for the hungry. Every day since he turned 4 he has been distributing free lunch from his home. Now he has completely taken over this responsibility, You will find him every day between 2-3 pm distributing food with utmost compassion and kindness outside his home. Children approach him for their stationery needs which he provides with affection the elders shower their blessings for his services done with so much love.
He participates in all the activities of the trust with great enthusiasm and compassion which is addictive and inspires many.

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