Our Hyderabad Our Responsibility – Hamara Hyderabad Hamari Zimmedari

To protect the rich heritage and culture of Hyderabad, Sakina Foundation Trust adopts the religious and heritage places/buildings, unconditionally renovates and maintains them at their expense as we believe in protecting the rich heritage, culture and traditions to pass it on to the future generation.
We conduct awareness programmes in schools, colleges, MNC’s, street plays and short videos on YouTube, and through E-learning to bring knowledge about our heritage, culture and history to the young.
For accepting our social responsibility Sakina Foundation adopts slums, colonies, parks, playgrounds of Hyderabad and takes care of the development of these areas. Mohammed Asif Hussain Sohail has also donated 4 lakh rupees to the Hyderabad City Police for the installation of CCTV cameras.



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